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Have a question regarding our range of electrical services for the Manchester area? Consult the Outwood Electrical FAQ. If you have a query not answered below, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 07989 384 288. A qualified, experienced Outwood electrician will be happy to issue you free, no-obligation advice on anything from under floor heating to rewiring.



Outwood Electrical FAQ




If you have a fuse box with wooden backing, no labelling, cast iron switches or a black electricity cable, then there’s a good chance your electrics are out of date and your property may require rewiring. Another sign that your property’s electrics are antiquated include having less than two plug sockets in each room, or round sockets rather than modern 3-pin varieties. Also look out for broken/cracked plug sockets, and be sure to call in an electrician if your sockets ever feel hot to the touch after use.


Electrical anomalies like flickering lights or lights that constantly require their bulb changing can also signal that your wiring is out of date. If in doubt, call in our Manchester electrician. We can quickly ascertain whether your property does require rewiring.




An electric under floor heating system is comprised of electric coils installed beneath or within your floors. The coils are connected by a qualified electrician to your mains, and a sensor is connected to your thermostat, allowing you to control the temperature of your under floor heating. When turned on, the coils are heated up via an electrical current, creating heat which travels up through your floor.

Why should I invest in CCTV cameras for my property?


Manchester and Greater Manchester registers over 2,200 burglaries every month. One way to massively reduce the chance that thieves will target your property, is by having an electrician install a CCTV home security system. There are many different types of CCTV cameras available to Manchester homeowners, including high definition ones, infra-red/night vision cameras for low light areas and even hidden, “disguised” cameras.


Typically, you want a camera that is visible and a deterrent to would-be criminals. After all, thieves have been found to actively avoid any home which is known to be under surveillance.




A Manchester landlord must ensure:


  • A rented property’s electrical installation is safe when tenants move in and throughout the course of their tenancy.
  • A qualified electrician is brought in to inspect a Multiple Occupation property every five years.
  • All appliances provided in a rented provided are safe and labelled with the CE quality standard marking.


If you need an electrician to inspect your rental property, ensuring it is up to all relevant legal standards, give the Manchester based electrical experts at Outwood Electrical a call.



Have a different question regarding our electrical services? Contact a friendly Outwood electrician right-away on 07989 384 288!

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