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Electrical Heating and Radiator Installation

Electric Heaters and Radiator Types

  1. Storage Heaters
  2. On-demand Heaters
  3. Convection heaters
  4. Radiant heating panels
  5. Liquid filled electric radiators.

Why Use Electric Storage Heaters?

Electric Storage Heaters make use of lower cost electricity which is available during night on economy tariff. Electrical energy is is used to heat-up ceramic bricks within a storage heater at a lower cost overnight. This stores the heat and gradually releases it throughout the next day. This type of heaters is typically seen as more efficient alternative to Gas Central Heating. Storage heaters are considered more efficient as they can take advantage of lower energy costs. Electric Storage Heaters do give off heat throughout the day though, so depending on your living habits, may not be the most efficient for you.

Electrical Heating and Radiator Installation

Improved Efficiency:

Electric radiators are truly wonderful addition to your home. Through this, you can able to have comfortable and warmer feel inside your home. Cast iron radiators and other heating devices have inherent inefficiencies which reduces energy output. But with electric radiators, you can observe great relief since it only uses low energy that results to smaller electric bill. If budget is your concern, this is the ultimate option for you.

Greater Control:

This unit is typically considered as stand-alone unit because of its ability to be “individually controlled” when you desire. Meaning, units placed in separate areas does not have to be on similar setting. This aid you control if which room are heated according to their use of that moment. In addition, you can also have different radiators in one room at diverse heat output to establish warm distribution that suits your needs. Greater control usually means that you only use energy that is badly needed. This can be a great advantage on your part since you no longer need pay high electric bills.

Low Installation Cost and Low Maintenance:

Compared to cast iron radiator, electric radiator requires low maintenance and installation cost since it does not necessitate expensive hot water boilers or plumbing. Majority of these electric radiators require you to take them out of the package and plug. Since you don’t need plumbing, the required maintenance is much lesser compared to a similar heating system. All of these are great for you.

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